What about Girls Basketball!?


Why choose Bay Area Elite Girls Basketball?

Family.  Family is how we see each of our players at Bay Area Elite Basketball.  Our coaches are dedicated to the personal development of every player so that they can have the best opportunities to reach their full potential.  

2 types of basketball development:  Team and Individual

Regardless of the type of development, all of our coaching staff focus on creating “game like” conditions to develop our girls into elite players.  Anyone can practice by themselves and make 90% of their shots undefended, but to be a good basketball player requires practicing under game-like conditions.  Our coaches integrate regular skill development into game-like activities so that players can develop and utilize their skills all at once.  


Individual development targets man-to-man defense and one-on-one offense.  Regardless of the player’s starting skillset there is always opportunity for improvement.  Our coaches analyze the player’s strengths and weaknesses and then develop a plan in coordination with the player’s goals to take the player to a higher level in their game play.  Often this plan requires multiple resources including strength training, shooting machine practice, and personalized basketball technical training.  Our players are given the full support to achieve the greatest rewards possible from their own personal investment.  The more a player invests in themselves the more success they will experience as part of our Elite Team.

2 Levels of ELITE TEAM basketball development:  Showcase and Foundations

Foundation Teams – these players are at an intermediate level in the development which makes them too good for recreational league but not quite ready for the out-of-state competition nationally.  Players are taught the basics of team offense and defense.  Required weekly film time offers players the chance to see what other teams 

Showcase Teams – these players are considered at the top of their game and are ready to compete at a regional or national level.  Understanding the game of basketball at both the individual and team level is expected as a starting foundation for every player.  Required weekly film study covers video of their individual play and team play.  “Misses and Makes” for each player is discussed openly without judgement as players are expected to be fully invested in their teammates and themselves to reach a high pinnacle of success.

Prime League:  Elementary 2nd through 5th 

Everyone has to start somewhere and our Prime League is dedicated to those players that are interested in basketball but need the development and/or reinforcement of their basketball skillsets to prepare them for older ball play.  Individual focus at this level is on dribbling and good ball control.  Team focus is on learning basketball as a game and how to enjoy competing.  Coaches integrate 

“Run-and-Gun” Leagues:  Middle School, and High School

Players are assigned in a balanced approach to play 10 games in 8 weeks.  Practices are 1x per week (in the evenings) and games on Saturday.  Players are developed regardless of their starting skills.

Dedicated Basketball Facilities

Our coaches are focused on what makes girls basketball development unique and our facilities support every step of our  success process!  Our facilities include a full basketball court, 4 shooting hoops, shooting machine, film review classroom, and physical conditioning space.  

Safety and security for the entire building with adult supervision and secure monitoring.  Internet service is provided at no charge so you can stream the latest game film.  Air conditioned for the summer and heated for the winter – practice in an environment that lets you focus on basketball!

Basketball Equipment

Having the right equipment to train allows players to focus on technique and help rid themselves of bad habits caused by poor equipment.  We provide high quality basketballs, development equipment, and exercise equipment that target the core physical conditions necessary for basketball.  Basketball is a game of the team and the player and Bay Area Elite Basketball provides the quality equipment for everyone to take their game to the next level.

Expert Conditioning Guidance

Do you want to compete at an elite level?  Do you want to defend better?  Do you want to attack the hoop for the 2 points and ONE?  It all starts with the right basketball conditioning.  Core muscles from the legs, abdomen, and shoulders all work together to create a skilled basketball player.  Our conditioning programs are custom tailored to build our girls into the necessary physical players that are required to play at the next level of performance!  Weight strength conditioning, cardio development, physical stamina, and “game like play” are combined to build our girl players into elite players that can compete with anyone.

“Max-Jump” - Jumping Height Guaranteed

Do you want to jump higher?  Get more offensive and defensive rebounds?  Block more shots?  Girls physiology is different from boys and requires slightly different approach in building the necessary jumping skills to achieve rim level reach.  Our coaches bring a unique development program developed over more than 20 years of research and experience to guarantee increasing your jump height.  Regardless of where you start in your vertical, we can help you understand the mechanics of jumping and design a custom jump regime that will improve your game.  We believe the sky is the limit for any player (girl or boy)!